Blue Man Group Amazes Audiences at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino

Blue Man Group is a performance troupe formed by Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton and Chris Wink in 1987 while they were living in Manhattan. Their shows feature a trio of performers who are easily recognizable by their identical bright blue makeup, skullcaps and solid black costumes.

What started out as guerrilla theater performed in parks and on the streets of Manhattan soon became “Tubes” an off-Broadway hit at the Astor Place Theater. The group has grown to be an international sensation with more than 30 Blue Men performing in New York, Boston, Chicago, Orlando, Las Vegas, and Berlin.

The Blue Men debuted on the Las Vegas Strip in March 2000 at the Luxor, where they spent the next five and half years performing their “Live at Luxor” show. They moved to the Venetian in October 2005 when they introduced “Bluephoria.” In October 2012, they took up residence at the Monte Carlo with a third new show called “Smokin.”

Blue Man Group performances are a blend of science and performance art that practically defies description. Throughout the show, the trio weaves together a series of skits that are as thought provoking as they are entertaining, and they do it all without speaking a word. Their creative combination of experimental music, multimedia and comedy creates a high energy party-like atmosphere that has become their trademark in the entertainment industry. Audience interaction plays an integral role in the Blue Man Group experience.

The show features a variety of innovative elements and the Blue Men play music, which is heavy on percussion, using custom instruments unlike anything you have ever seen before. The drumbone, for example, is made of pieces of PVC pipe fitted together. The performer slides the pipes and drums on various locations to produce sounds with different pitches. One portion of the performance features large-scale robotic elements while another explores the human brain from the inside.

Each night before the show, the performers participate in a procession on the casino floor that leads audience members into the theater. The show’s creators added this element when they moved to the Monte Carlo as a tribute to the troupe’s earliest days when they performed exclusively in public places.

The Blue Men appeal to a wide range of people from all cultural backgrounds. Their performances are family-friendly, making this the ideal show for parents to enjoy with their kids. This is one show where audience members are encouraged to come as they are in jeans and sneakers. Various materials used onstage occasionally splash into the audience, so save the designer duds for a more appropriate occasion. The seats marked as the “Poncho Section” are at higher risk of getting messy, so individuals in those seats receive a poncho to wear, just in case.

Guests interested in a behind-the-scenes look at what makes a Blue Man Group performance tick can purchase the Onstage Experience ticket package. In addition to a souvenir, a t-shirt, one complimentary drink and one premium ticket for the show, guests are treated to a 90-minute onstage tour for a close up look at the fantastic instruments and intricate props used in the show. The experience includes lessons in marshmallow tossing and playing one of the group’s signature PVC instruments as well as a private meet and greet with cast members after the show.

The Blue Man Group experience at the Monte Carlo is something that many will not soon forget. The best way to enjoy this elaborate production is to check your expectations at the door and just enjoy the ride. By the time it ends, you and your fellow audience members will be on your feet, dancing to the beats as part of a massive theater wide party that is sure to put a smile on your face.



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