Body English at the Hard Rock Hotel is Back and Better Than Ever

Body English

After closing its doors briefly, Body English at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is back in the Las Vegas nightlife game. Lavish leather VIP booths, an intimate dance floor and the pounding sounds provided by up and coming DJs offer the ideal background for an exciting nightlife experience, Sin City style.

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is east of the Strip. That makes it just far enough away from the crowds to offer a slightly less hectic place to party but close enough for convenient access from other parts of the city.

The renovation, which was unveiled for New Year’s 2010, included moving the DJ booth to the dance floor and equipping the Parlor, an exclusive private area for the most important of the VIPs, with a new DJ booth and air conditioning system. State of the art lighting and an upgrade to the sound system completed the project.

When you step off the stairway and get your first look at the interior of this exclusive underground club, you may think you have walked into the home of a millionaire. Elegant leather upholstery invites you to sink in and relax with a decadent cocktail to sip on while you observe the action going on all around you. A large cage in the middle of the dance floor invites the ladies to climb up and share their talents with the crowd.

Sparkling crystal chandeliers, mirrored tiles and dark wood walls add to the feeling of a men’s club but the large DJ booth erases any doubt that this is a spaced dedicated to partying. A giant chandelier that constantly changes colors provides the focal point for the room.

The hideaway VIP lounge sits just off the main room but unless you are an invited guest, you won’t even know it’s there. The soundproof walls have special one-way glass that allows those on the inside to see out while denying views to any prying eyes attempting to look in.

The second floor has additional premium seating for bottle service guests. Spacious leather booths overlook the dance floor. Another area with its own bar offers VIP guests a more private place to party. Also tucked away on the second floor is the club’s infamous unisex bathroom. This swanky rest stop with its golden swan shaped water faucets played a starring role in the Justin Timberlake and Snoop Dogg music video collaboration, “Signs.”

The music trends more toward EDM selections with exploration of indie rock and other formats to keep things interesting.

Throwback Thursdays give the children of the 80s and 90s something to reminisce about as DJ Hope brings back memories with popular songs of an era where the hair was big, the pants were made of spandex and synth-pop ruled the dance floor. Resident DJ Casanova takes control of the sounds for the weekly Rock Candy Friday party.

Other nightclubs in Las Vegas are larger than Body English but the intimate size offers many advantages for guests. Club management has the luxury of handpicking staff ensuring that customer service is always up to par. The smaller space allows guests to feel like they are part of the action without enduring the crushing crowds attracted by the megaclubs.

The posh surroundings, world class entertainment and concert after parties toasting live performers at the Joint are some of the things that attract A-list celebrities, sports heroes and rock stars. Wyclef Jean, Kanye West, Chuck Liddell, Usher and Tito Ortiz are among the big name celebrities who frequently party in the upscale confines of Body English.

The doors at Body English open at 10:30 pm, Thursday through Sunday. The club typically stays open until 6 am, allowing you to squeeze in an extra couple hours of partying after most of the other clubs in Las Vegas have closed.


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