Erotic Exotic Absinthe Takes Audience Members on a Wild Ride


Step into the large white nondescript tent in front of Caesars Palace and prepare yourself for an irreverent romp on the wild side. Absinthe the show at Caesars Palace bills itself as an acro-cabaret variety show and the cast of outlandish characters delivers the goods as they perform amazing feats of flexibility, strength and balance mere feet from the audience’s noses.

The stage is a 9-foot circle surrounded by folding chairs. Light filters through panes of stained glass to set the mood. The environment is anything but plush but somehow it suits the occasion. The intimate venue only adds to the overall experience with unobstructed views from every seat in the house.

Your hosts for the evening are the Gazillionaire and his adorable but saucy sidekick, Penny. The Gazillionaire sports an ill-fitting tux dating back to the 70’s and a ruffled shirt. Gold shoes, slicked back hair and an exaggerated gap between his two front teeth complete the shyster look. The duo keeps the action going between acts with comic relief chock full of four letter words and sexual innuendo that will definitely not impress those who are easily offended. Make no mistake about it. This is a show for adults and there are very good reasons for why audience members must be 18 to attend.

Parts of the show involve audience interaction. If you are easily embarrassed, avoid seating in the first few rows and you will be safe.

Woven throughout the show are slapstick parodies of some of the most popular shows in town. A silk aerialist act looks a lot like something Cirque de Soleil features in most of its shows but the performers draw howls of laughter from audience members when they recognize Penny and a barely clothed Gazillionaire wearing a Howard Stern wig.

Other carnival acts include The Skating Aratos who perform a dizzying routine fraught with danger that will have those who paid a premium for front row seats second-guessing their decision. In between trapeze bar and balancing acts, singers and burlesque dancers keep the action going and Penny’s raunchy R-rated sock puppet routine is a crowd favorite.

Most of the negative reviews found online seem to be from audience members who failed to heed the warnings. Absinthe does not pretend to be something it is not, so there are no excuses for those individuals who buy tickets and then call it out for its explicit content and vulgarity. It bears saying again. This show is not for everyone. Racy? Yes. Raunchy? Definitely. Refined? Absoultely not, so don’t even go there. Adjust your expectations accordingly and you are in for an evening of entertainment that you will not soon forget.

The 90-minute show length is long enough to make it worth the price of admission but still leaves plenty of time for guests to enjoy a meal or go out for dancing and drinks afterward.

Everything about his show is quirky, including some of the seating options. Stylized seating around the tent’s perimeter includes the opportunity to view the show from a throne or a bathtub filled with cushions.

VIP seating guarantees you a spot in the second or third row plus one non-alcoholic beverage or a split of champagne. VVIP tickets include the champagne or non-alcoholic beverage plus an elevated private table or a seat in Row 1. Discounts are available for groups of 10 or more.

The Absinthe troupe performs twice nightly, Wednesday through Sunday. Check your inhibitions at the door, open your mind and you are likely to join the legions of fans who declare this to be among the best shows the Las Vegas Strip has to offer.


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